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Shit Fest!

Memories and Evidence

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26 going on 10, army of one, belly dancers, best of the best, blue moon cafe, brotherhood (plus one), burger king, butt mcguckin, caravans, cheap beer, cigarettes outside, costume humor, day-after farts, dessert or die!, dolph lundgren, eric roberts, ethnic cuisine, fake swords, family, haircutting parties at midnight, high horses, hiking, human feces in litterboxes, humor, i_will_be_with_you_always, impromptu jam sessions, improvisation, inappropriately timed undershirt removal, inflatable castles, island beach state park, joker, lake minnewaska, larry at pathmark, late night supermarket runs, laugh till we cry, meathooks, mike's mullet, mockery, morning wakeup concerts, moustaches, movie makeup, movie making, mr. l, music, nana's house, nana's woods, new paltz, nick arcade, ninjas, nyack, oatmeal cream pies, oh yeah yeah, omnivore-herbivore harmony, opie and anthony, oregon trail, paul kaiser, phil moore, photography, pie, poop, poop art, reflection, scattegories, shit, shit galaxies, sleepovers, staged fights, state prison, sushi, the lutomski basement, the power team, the snack daredevil, these_are_loaded_with_branks, tomfoolery, uncle creep, uncle steve, video games, where's franz?, white castle, world of warcraft, you_cannot_avoid_the_inevitable